Roopa Rani Anoop Nair

Roopa Rani Anoop Nair

Bachelor In Law & Sociology

– Director – Risk Management

  • Legal and Compliance professional with over 22 years of experience.
  • 15 years of regional experience in UAE, worked with major companies and financial institutions.
  • Handled senior-level assignments – Head of Legal in NAFFCO, Senior Manager-Legal and advisory services(Compliance & Legal Risk Management Division) with Dubai First PJSC & First Abu Dhabi Bank.

Role Summary:

a)Identifying potential risks (legal, operational and otherwise) that the organization faces during the course of business affairs

b)Designing strategies and controls that protect the organization from those risks

c)Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of controls to leadership and regulatory body

d)Handled operational and transactional legal and compliance requirements for the organization.

e)Conducting due diligence on risk categories

f)Detailed study and interpretation of customer company documents to identify UBOs

g)Reporting of suspicious activities and unusual transactions to higher management

h)Resolving difficulties in the processes of compliance once identified after necessary investigations.

i)Draft and ensure the implementation of policies, procedures and code of conduct.

j)Advising the organization on rules, controls and standards overall

k)Conducting internal monitoring and training whenever necessary

l)Trusted Corporate Governance custodian

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