Reena Sebastian Dcruz

Reena Sebastian Dcruz

Bachelor In Law

– Director – Risk Management

  • An entrepreneurial corporate counsel with more than 22 years of experience
  • Vast experience in due diligence and regulatory compliance and corporate governance
  • Role Summary includes:

a)Well experienced in customer screening including performing KYC checks

b)Effective advisor to the board and management on compliance and regulatory issues

c)Developed and maintained the company’s corporate policies including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policy in line with regulatory requirements

d)Effectively monitored the implementation of all corporate policies including AML and CFT policy within the company

e)Assisted in developing internal control procedures in compliance with AML and CFT legal requirements

f)Represented the company before external agencies in terms of policies adapted and execution of the same within the company.

g)Regular reporting to external agencies in respect of the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements

h)Undertaken risk mitigation process amongst others in relation to new ventures and advised commercially feasible solutions for identified risks

  • Worked with international and UAE listed companies for nine years and hence well versed with corporate governance
  • Experienced in company secretarial functions

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