Expo 2020 intro

Expo 2020 will be a festivity of innovations and inventions. It will be a thrill for all generations to come and experience art, culture, science and technology from all over the world. A small globe that is created for people to connect with each other and experience a qualitative and a quantitative networking.

The history of Dubai is fascinating; the upward mobility. With its tireless efforts and great ambitions is what Dubai is made of. Furthermore, the Expo will become a glorious stepping stone for Dubai. As, it marks the world through their undeniable efforts to inspire the human race for the next 50 years that nothing is impossible. With hard work and dedication, truly, Dubai Expo 2020 will ignite spark in the potential flames.

The Expo will enhance the UAE'S vision to build a better tomorrow by promoting the growth of tourism, progressing the development of innovative business and glorifying the reputation that the UAE holds. It will enable the youth to dream and achieve them, as they are the future of UAE.

As well as, Expo 2020 accords the celebration of UAE's 50th anniversary, marking an auspicious momentum for the UAE. Expo 2020 is a wide illusion of the million dreams that people have dreamt. The happening of this event enable our minds to dream more and fly high.

So are you ready to fly high by participating in this spectacular event?



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what is for business in expo 2020 how they will benefit

The Expo 2020 is a mega international fair where everything is set upon a large scale. With duration of 6 months, 192 countries presenting their elements on Expo theme Mobility - Sustainability - Opportunity for all ages. Here, businesses will receive an insight for new innovative and creative ideas to progress. With the ever growing progress in technology one never seizes to get amazed of what a human mind is capable of. Expo 2020 will open new doors of opportunity that can land the businesses with bigger deals and benefits.

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