Business Management Consultancy in Dubai

    No matter what industry you are in, consultants at MARS Group will formulate an effective strategy that will make your business thrive. Our industry and functional business performance knowledge is second to none.

    At MARS, we assess the gaps in your business processes – be it strategy, technology or any other functions – and address them by providing solutions that work. We don’t advice our clients for the sake of it, but collaborate with them to reach their goals.

    Through our value-added business advisory services in Dubai, we strive to improve your company’s business performance and create a competitive advantage for you in the market.

    Business management Consultancy

    Operations Improvement Services

    Smooth business operations are pivotal for maintaining sustainability and profitability. Continuous improvement is not an option anymore – it has become mandatory for the success of a business.

    The consultants at MARS Group always suggest the most effectual business processes to our clients. While doing this, we align the four pillars of a company namely – people, organization, structure and technology.

    We first identify opportunities and gaps in your company, then utilize a risk based methodology to create a superlative solution.

    Our operational improvement services cover:
    • Financial analysis
    • Strategic restructuring and turnaround
    • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and improvement
    • Finance function improvement

    Enterprise Risk Management

    In a global economy that is peppered with risks, it is important to have a plan B.

    In order to ensure that your organization operates without any hiccups, MARS Group will identify, assess and manage risks that could hamper your daily functioning.

    We offer bespoke solutions, based on the issues you are currently facing or could face in the future. Having tackled risks in several industries, MARS consultants are ready for any challenge.

    Our risk management services cover:
    • Education regarding evaluation criteria
    • Stress tests (‘what if’ scenarios)
    • Strategic and operational risk evaluations
    • Risk/Fraud and control assessments
    • ERM rating process, criteria, and quality scores
    • Benchmarking services
    • Risk mitigation programs

    Information Technology and MIS

    Technology should be intricately intertwined with your business strategy, as it is a major tool for success.

    MARS Group understands the nuances of technology implementation. We create an unmatched IT environment where your business can flourish.

    We can structure your IT organization processes, strengthen security, assess business risks, establish internal controls and manage risks by doing the following:

    • Analyzing your IT functions
    • Reorganizing information system process
    • IT due-diligences – helping with IT security & risk
    • Strengthening controls
    • Improve business processes
    • Keep the workplace secure
    • Digital marketing
    • Product Break-even and Trend Analysis
    • Financial Budgeting and Costing
    • Cash Forecasts
    • Market Share Analysis v/s Competitors
    • Financial Ratio / KPI Analysis

    Business Process Re-Engineering

    While there a myriad of business processes in every company, not every process is productive. Certain processes need to be redesigned to extract the maximum value for the business.

    At MARS Group, our consultants evaluate the current business processes, and re-engineer them to make them more efficient – increasing productivity and reducing costs in the long run.

    Business Improvement System and Audit Management

    • Audit Management
    • Arranging audit schedule & support
    • Finalize annual accounts
    • Liaising with external and internal auditors during field audit
    • Signed financial statements
    • Business Improvement System (BIS)
    • Installation of accounting system
    • Reorganization of reporting system
    • Business Plan and Financial projections
    • Physical Inventory count and valuation
    • Physical Fixed assets count and valuation
    • Business consultancy & Feasibility Studies
    • Formulation of policies and procedures
    • Organizational restructuring
    • Business development and pricing
    • Internal controls and compliance audits